Brown County Community Women's Club, Inc.

Through fundraising efforts BCCWC contributes significant monies to organizations that:
  • Serve the less fortunate
  • Protect our community
  • Promote the arts


To recommend a local Non-Profit (Non-Denomination, Non-Discriminatory, and Non-Political) to receive a BCCWC 2017-18 Community Contribution please click here.


Donation Archiver


The Donation Archiver is responsible for maintaining a spreadsheet of all donations club members receive in support of BCCWC's Fundraising Events (Card & Game Days, Golf Outing, etc.).

It is the responsibility of each event chair to provide the Archiver (Lynda Drews) with the donors' names and their gifts following an event.

This will be recorded and used in two ways: 1) the donors will be recognized on this website for their gift, 2) future event chairs will be provided the spreadsheet, prior to their event, to verify which donors have already contributed for that calendar year; their committees, in turn, need to be cognisant of our donors' generosity and not request a gift, more than once in a calendar year.


Click here for Donor Form to be printed and then filled out by event chair or members


Thanks to all of the donors to our Card & Game Day Parties and Golf Outing. Click here to see the donors from 2017-18.



Lynda Drews

If you know of ANY grants that our club might apply for, please contact your 2nd Vice President with any information so that we can pursue those possibilities.
The beauty of the BCCWC is that ALL funds received would remain in Brown County to enhance and help with local community needs and causes. Please share with us any information you might have so that we can take advantage of some of the many opportunities that might be available to us.



Betsy Whitton, BCCWC 2nd VP

Fundraising Events

Bridge Marathons


If you have an interest in participating in any of our BCCWC Bridge Marathons, please contact Carol Simpson for details and availability.



Anne Gollnick
Gloria Jonet

Spring Card and Game Day

May 1, 2019

10:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Thornberry Creek


Fall Card and Game Day




October 24, 2018


Thornberry Creek Golf Club

10:00 am – Registration; “Meet & Greet” w/Cash Bar

11:00 am – Luncheon

Games & Awarding of Prizes: Following lunch to 4:00 pm


Gloria Jonet




Baked goods are sold at the Spring and Fall Card & Game parties each year.



Joan Zittlow

Packer House Party

It’s a Packer House Party!  A special fundraising event will be held on September 23, 2018, at a fabulous “Packer House” overlooking Lambeau.  Don’t delay your chance to purchase a ticket to this fun event!


Helene Rosner

Chris Carlotto



BCCWC is promoting the purchase of a Platinum Access Club Membership.


It lets you use over 300,000 local and national discounts as often as you like for a full year from the date of purchase.


Each time a member buys a $21.00 PAC membership (includes sales tax) the BCCWC will receive $10.00 back. 


Scott Rankin




goodsearch lets you earn money for BCCWC by searching the web (like you normally would do on goggle or yahoo), shopping on-line, going out to restaurants, or playing games.
For example, each time you do a web search, you earn $.01 for BCCWC.



 Lizz Jayne


Nancy Daniels

BCCWC Shopping Bags 

BIG BCCWC BAG SALE JUST $1 EACH - or whatever makes sense.
They're a little bigger than you might expect, and they can carry a lot of stuff! Good publicity for the club, good for "gift bags," good for you; great way to "go green;" as well as make a little profit for our club! Be sure to pick up a few -- they will be available at all of our meetings.



Jackie Nuthals & Betty Deneys

Decorated Cigar Boxes 

Check out the decorated cigar boxes for sale at regular meetings.


Cigar Boxes  Bonnie Zima and Chris Carson

 Golf Outing



Mark your calendars now for, next year's outing, scheduled at Mid Vallee on June 10, 2019. Watch online in Spring for the registration form.

Terry Jeffers

Festival Brat Fry

Dates to be announced




Judy Pieschek & Judy Giesler

BCCWC has the 4-6 p.m. block
every 5th Tuesday.
Fundraising WORK DATES -- Always every 5 weeks on a Tuesday
from 4 – 6 p.m.

2018- 2019 Dates: 

July 17, August 21, September 25, October 30, December 4, January 8, February 12, March 19, 

April 23, May 28 

If you are interested in working, please contact Helene Rosner.



Helene Rosner

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